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Pilbara Communities Benefit from Positive Relationships

Vet Dr Stephen Cutter with a healthy desexed Pilbara cat

AMRRIC is proud to have supported another round of veterinary programs in the Pilbara region during June and is pleased to say that as a result of a strong and long standing relationship with the Pilbara Meta Maya Regional Aboriginal Corporation (PMMRAC) the flow of companion animals requiring surgical desexing is reducing significantly. 

The PMMRAC provides services to 27 remote communities including parasite control for community companion animals as well as education regarding their care and wellbeing regularly throughout the year.  AMRRIC has proudly supported PMMRAC veterinary programs for over nine years by providing volunteers and resourcing as well as advice regarding program logistics and delivery.

As a result AMRRIC Volunteers have contributed to the many hundreds of surgical desexing operations, and treatments across thousands of kilometers. The programs have been so successful that repeat volunteer, Annaliese noted the workload had significantly reduced this year indicating the programs were having a positive impact on reducing dog and cat populations.  She said “The first community we went to was Jinparinya but no one was there when we arrived. We were greeted by three very fat and friendly staffy dogs and a black cat, all the animals were healthy, desexed and extremely friendly and confident. Without the work of AMRRIC and Pilbara Meta Maya the story might have been very different. Seeing these dogs was the best part of the trip!“

It's a positive step in the right direction and another example of how collaboration can produce great one health outcomes.


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